PBCRRT Assists Search Efforts for Missing Free Diver

20 Sep

Our hearts go out to the family of Skyler Hunt, the 15-year-old free diver who was found yesterday by Palm Beach County Reef Research Team members while assisting with the search efforts off Boca Raton. It took 3 dives before members found Skyler after Dive Boat Diversity’s captain Tony Coulter dropped us well south of the last-seen site marker. It was such a beautiful sunset – clearly another angel up there in heaven. And a sad reminder of how life can turn on a dime.sun_255sm sunset_257

3 Replies to “PBCRRT Assists Search Efforts for Missing Free Diver

  1. Well deserved kudos to the team members that assisted and recovered this diver. Certainly shows the dedication of the team divers to assist where needed, as well as doing data gathering research on the reefs of Palm Beach County

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