Palm Beach County Reef Research Team Needs Divers!

16 May

PBCRRT Fish Counters

If you are already a competent, advanced open water certified diver and are interested in underwater research, PBCRRT needs you! The Palm Beach County Reef Research Team’s meeting on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 features the Team’s annual Fish Identification Test. The test consists of 55 photos showing some of the 143 most commonly seen fish on Palm Beach County Reefs. Passing the test is required of members wishing to serve as official fish counters on our dives. While fish counters-in-training are welcome to participate on dives, only counts from qualified fish counters are used in our biennial grant reports. Visitors who plan to join the Team and who already have fish ID skills are encouraged to attend the June meeting and take the test which will begin at around 8:00 pm. Use our Fish ID Photo Gallery to study for the test. Common species and family names (not Latin names) are required. Fish counters must pass the test annually with a score of 90% or higher. Participants who don’t pass the test may keep it for reference. Learning to ID fish is rewarding and a great way to increase your enjoyment of scuba diving both locally and at dive vacation destinations. For more information, contact any of the Board members listed on the Team website:

Team members may also participate as mappers, invertebrate specialists and photographers/videographers if they prefer not to be fish counters. 

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